ESCOLTA MARKET//Vintage, Artist Made and Hand Crafted

Finally! I found something that i’ve been dreaming to see. Since i was in elementary to high school days i am really amazed everything about arts. Somehow, I call myself a frustrated artist? Hahaha. Charaught!  I’ve also loved everything in vintage especially when i hear a story about a thing that is very old.

I found this Market when i was scrolling in Instagram. The Old Soul Vintage Accesories were one of Escolta’s Seller. This Market has a history on it that’s why it’s held on saturdays only.



They also sell some ukay ukays.


DSC01538I bought my blue floral kimono here. The seller told me that there fabric was from Korea. Their fabric was so cute and unique, only for 350 php @ Cherie.


The seller are very focus on Arts. I love their paintings so much which made me inspire. ❤


Lucky me! i found a Caligraphy artist! I really want to learn how to caligraphy @ Crafty Kitty.

❤ Kim


IHOP Experience, Chez Karine and Mochi Cream Cafe


I am so happy! 🙂 It’s been years since Tita Mai went home to  the Philippines to be with us and i know My Dad waited too long to be with his family his Daddy and Mommy  too (Our lola and lolo) and his sister (Tita Mai).


I never expected that my favorite Tita (daddy’s side) has the same interest stuffs na halos nagkakasundo kami and one of that is for the love of food. 😀

I-HOP Experience! 😀


Splashberry and Tropical Island Twist




Of course, I would love to taste some creamy pancakes. New York Cheesecake Pancakes.

The overall experience was great! feeling ko nga nasa US ako while dining in I-HOP. The portioning i’m not sure if the same in states pero it was a great food and dining experience.

Chez Karine



Matcha Macaroon and Speculoos Macaroon


Matcha Latte


Mocha Latte

We had our dessert in Chez Karine have our nice cup of latte and a macaroon. :”>

Mochi Cream Cafe

I have bonus cafe shop that i have to share for you too..




Iced Matcha, Iced Coffee and Dark Mocha Frappucino.

This was the best Iced Matcha i’ve drink so far.

Screen shot 2014-05-31 at 12.18.29 AM

 Me, Tita and Angel had our best moments. Kung gaano namen ka-miss si tita ganun din nya kami naspoiled nung dumating sya dito sa Pinas. 🙂 We will miss you Tita Mai, Daddy Lolo and Mama Lola always! We love you!

❤ Kim

Dream Chaser


It’s been a while guys.. My life keeps getting better. That is why i entitled this “Dream Chaser”. Hopefully, by chasing my dreams step by step it will come true. I just want to accomplish all of the things that i’ve left.




Blue Dream Catcher Necklace / Forever 21

Necklace / Anagon

Denim Tube Dress / Fashion Bazaars

Boots / Forever 21

This outfit  was inspired by my favorite bloggers Patricia Prieto and Claudia (BeyondBeautyStar) from youtube. Simple but has a Rockstar hint.


Such a relaxing feeling to see colorful kites in the sky.


This was one of our best bond to each other to fly a kite together. Such a relief and unexplained happiness felt getting back to childhood days. :”>


♥ Kim

Lovely Spring


Oh how i miss rainy season.. Cold and cozy. Haha. Happy super hot lovely spring summer! I was so excited that i’m gonna spend my summer days with my realatives from US. The reason why i am excited about is because i am too spoiled by my tita mhai for getting me alot of stuffs from make up and clothes etc. :”>


DSC01200Since  it’s summer time i was also browsing some trendy hair style. I am learning 3 different ways on how to do a hair bun on Pinterest. 🙂 I got my lace crop top from Oxygen. This crop top is my first owned and i am happy that i bought it in a cheaper price coz oxygen is always on sale. My vintage leaf black necklace is from 999 mall in Divisoria and My white gold chained bracelet was from My mom. And the skirt! I am glad at last! My favorite maxi skirt that i’m obsess wearing this summer. My mom also gave the skirt and what i love about the skirt is the sexy detail on the side of it. :”>



It’s been awhile since i buy something new in Forever 21. These are my favorite sole flats from Forever 21.

❤ Kim


UMU by Dusit Thani


Are you ready for some japanese again? You know how much i love japanese food. This was a bit luxurious type of japanese restaurant. My family went to UMU restaurant 3 times already and been enjoying there food so much.


We tried 3 appetizers and the first is this salad type of oysters and pumpkin mousse to tickle your palette.


Chawan Mushi



And Of course, My favorite of all! Sashimi and Sushi! ❤ Yum! I’ve also notice their wasabi as i dissolve the wasabi in my soy sauce they put some seeds in there. I don’t know what kind of spice it is? Well.. if you tried in UMU and you know it.. just comment here and tell me. I would be interested. (Please don’t judge me coz i know japanese people don’t mix the wasabi in their soy sauce. peace! :D)


They have their own version of Kani Salad in Umu. It is made of too much greens on it and they rolled the kani into like spring rolls and the dressing was a simple vinaigrette.

For our Main Course, Everytime we eat outside i let my dad decide what to order.. I think Umu menu have some set of selection for every meal which is good.



Every dinner my family and i were trying to be healthy a little bit, My dad decided to make it light for us. Potatoes and Enoki Mushroom wrapped in Thinly Sliced Beef sauteed in teriyaki or sweet sauce.



My baby brother is always amazed how chefs cook. :”>


Syempre! I always end up everything with Matcha. Matcha Ice Cream! ❤

♥ Kim

Too Lucky Girl

I realized that I am too lucky to have my life especially my parents for giving these kind of things that i experienced and as the days go by I am looking forward for more blessings. Also thanking God for everything this wouldn’t happen without him. Sunday is my favorite day of the week, Got to spend the time with my family the whole day.


Too Lucky also to wore elephant print clothing, As feng shui told us that elephant has energy mantra.  Dark Blue Elephant Print Rompers from random stall in Greenhills and Elephant Charm Necklace from my sister’s accessories closet.


Have you noticed that i love black when it comes to bags or watches to pair it easily with my outfits. Cheap Hermes Black Bag from Greenhills and Vintage Paris Black Watch from Three Wishes Online Store. Pop some pastel color on this dark outfit Sky Blue Oxford Shoes from Mom’s Shoes.


Sometimes being lucky does not depend on our Astrology or Feng Shui belief, It is you who make it happen for all the hard works you did, It pays off to make your life live to it’s fullest. 😉

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♥ Kim



Minty Dress

Another late post for you guys, I’m sorry for being lazy. Hihi. This is my outfit on New Year’s Eve. I haven’t had a dress that is on pastel colors and I love mint so much! My room’s paint wall was mint because i love vintage too. 🙂 I am trying to keep my style in a simple and classy way.



I am looking for much thinner strap for this kind of sandal heels. I first saw that black sandals on Zara. Huhu. I can’t afford it. Luckily got this baby! This is cheaper than i expected. Black Sandal Heels from Jellybean.


As you can see, My accesories is scant. If you read my previous blog i said there that i’m still having a hard time collecting accesories for my future outfits. 😦 I hope i can collect more.. Anyways, My Arm Party was a gift from my Aunt Dhaez and Gold Watch from Casio.


Hype my style on Lookbook! 😉 ♥ Kim